Capacitor Based Dash Cams which can survive
High Temperatures.
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Check out our recommended Capacitor Based Dash Cams which can survive
High Temperatures.
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Vantrue N4 Pro 4K 3 Channel Dash Cam

Vantrue N4 Pro 4K 3 Channel Dash Cam

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VIOFO A129 PRO DUO 2 Channel Dashcam

VIOFO A129 PRO DUO 2 Channel Dashcam

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Rexing V1P Max 4K 2 Channel Dash Cam

Rexing V1P Max 4K 2 Channel Dash Cam

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What is Dashcams.ae about ?

Dashcams.ae was started in order to promote Road and Driver Safety in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE and Middle East region.

We aim to educate the drivers about the use of Dash Cams and also aid in reviewing and selecting the best Dash Cams suitable for the UAE and Middle East market.

Dahscams are perfectly legal to use for your own, so long as you do not record other individuals intentionally without their consent or post the footage on Social Media

We review and shortlist only the best Dash Cams available in the market, which are suitable for use in the region and which can be shipped to you quickly by our affiliate partners.

We cover all types of Dashcams, right from Single Channel and Rideshare to Capacitor Based and even 4k Dashcams

Warranty for the products is covered by the vendor or affiliate partner such as Amazon from whom the items are purchased from.​

We are a review and comparison site and only help you shortlist and make a purchase through our partners.

We do not stock or sell the products directly to you and hence cannot offer any warranty from our end.

We are compiling a list of vehicle accessory installers based in Dubai and the UAE who can professionally install your Dashcam based on our selection and also reviews and feedback from our users.

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I came across this site after I met with an accident which was not my fault and have secured myself with a Dashcam for any future incidents. Would highly recommend it to anyone driving in the city.
Adam Grant
Honda CRV
I was looking to buy an expensive Dashcam overseas but came across this site and was able select a cheaper and better option and get it delivered quickly.
Omar Abdullah
Toyota Corolla
Thanks to you guys, i've been able to get a Dshcam installed in Abu DHabi which came in real use when my car got hit while parking at Al Raha Mall.
Katerina Popov
BMW 325i
Dash Cams UAE
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