Learn More About Warranty on Dashcams

A Dashcam is a gadget and a piece of technology at the end of the day and is subject to failure eventually or technology obsolescence. However while it is still in use, you would expect it to last for at least a couple of years and reliably record and retrieve your video footage.

There are a few things you should keep in mind towards this, especially while selecting your dashcam and the accessories which go along with it.

Does Dashcams.ae
offer any warranty ?

Dashcams.ae is a review and comparison site and only helps our readers shortlist and make an informed purchase through our partners.

We do not stock or sell the products directly to you and hence cannot offer any warranty from our end.

Warranty for the products is covered by the vendor or affiliate partner such as Amazon from whom the items are purchased from.

While Dashcams.ae does not offer any warranty since it does not supply the products directly, we still offer our users some guidelines on what to look out for and expect when it comes to warranty on dashcams.


What kind of warranty can I expect on my Dashcam purchased through your affiliate partners ?

This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most brands will offer a 1 year warranty on the Dashcam and it’s accessories. You should check with the vendor or source where it is purchased from on the specifics of the warranty.



Warranties on Dashcam Batteries

The most common feedback we have received from our readers, is that Dashcam batteries often fail when used in a vehicle that has been parked outside in the heat for extended periods of time. This kind of issue can be noticed in a years time or if your luck runs out, even in a few months of usage.


You might face issues with your battery or dashcam unit being puffed up as the battery has expanded and is not providing adequate backup. Of course replacement of these battery packs is not simple or straight forward. 

Our readers are hence advised to shortlist and invest in a Capacitor based Dashcam such as the one below, for usage in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the Middle East in general.

Rexing V1P Pro 2 Channel Dash Cam

697 697
The Rexing V1P Pro 2 Channel Dash Cam features Dual 1080p Full HD Front and Rear 170 Degree Wide Angle Wi-Fi Car Dash Cam with Built-in GPS Logger, Supercapacitor, 2.4" LCD Screen, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Mobile App

Warranty on Storage and Memory Devices

While our readers generally select the best available Dashcam for their needs, one aspect often overlooked is the memory or storage element, which is often substituted for a cheaper or best bang for the buck option.

While this might work short term, often times you would face an issue of corrupt storage and unreadable videos. This is not only because of the high temperature environments in which dashcams are used in the middle east, but also because of the high bitrate and resolutions of the video files and frequent read and write cycles.

Trust us, we have been there and done that, and that’s why we highly recommend you consider some memory storage cards built especially for dashcams, like the ones below. 

Storage devices such as the ones above are designed specifically for video recording with dash cams and are also suitable for high resolution and bitrate recording with frequent read and write cycles.


Readers are advised to highly consider these type of endurance storage devices so that your video footage can be retrieved when you need it most. 

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