GPS for DashCams : Let’s get you informed

GPS for Dashcams, why is it an essential feature?

Typically found only in premium dash cameras, dashcams with the GPS (Global Positioning System) feature have data logging capabilities. What this means is that these dashcams contain a built in or external GPS signal receiver that is used to keep record of your vehicle’s physical location as you drive. These features can help dispute speeding violations, as well as offer more information in the case of an accident.

Do I need GPS for Dash Cam?

GPS can be vital in the event of an incident. It provides useful information, such as road names and where other vehicles are located at the time of an incident. This can be useful after an incident has taken place on an unfamiliar road, with details often difficult to remember after the fact.

GPS will also show the speed travelled, displayed in mph or km/h depending on the user’s preference. This can also prove to be valuable information in the event of an accident. On playback, the footage will show speed limit signs and road names to aid the driver’s case and help prove they were not at fault. The speed picked up by GPS satellites when driving can often provide more accurate information than a vehicle’s speedometer. Now you can do all of this with a GPS dash cam.

Is this GPS for Dashcam feature free to use ? 

GPS is a completely passive system (your dashcam only sits and ‘listens’ for the messages from GPS satellites), and communications are only one-way (from the satellite to your dashcam) meaning there is absolutely no cost and no monthly fees associated with having GPS logging on your dashcam! The GPS information received by your dashcam is completely free of charge, now and forever.


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