Dashcams in Dubai -are they allowed?

If you are driving in Dubai and intend using a dashcam, you must know all the legalities of using a dash camera in the UAE.

We look at what dashcams are, the controversy about dashcams in in Dubai, what the law says about using dashcams, and where to find the best ones.

What are dashcams?

Car dashboard cameras have become quite popular over the past few years. These cameras record videos of the road, which can prove useful in a lot of situations. Some people use it to monitor and improve their own driving, but its main purpose is to provide evidence in case of an accident.

Are dashcams legal in Dubai?

According to the Dubai Police, using dashcams in Dubai is perfectly legal; There is no law in the UAE that criminalises dashboard cameras.

In fact, the Dubai Police welcome the use of dashcams as part of the We Are Police program, urging Dubai motorists to submit any recorded photos, videos and footage of traffic violations.

However, there are some rules and regulations that the vehicle owners have to follow. The law was passed in 2016 where the Federal Traffic Council of the UAE allowed car owners to install dashcams without violating the privacy of the other motorists on the road.

What is not allowed with dashcams in Dubai?

Drivers are strictly prohibited from uploading and sharing footage of pedestrians and other drivers on Social Media or other platforms, or the uploader may face three to six months in jail and a fine of between AED 5,000 to AED 500,000.

What is legal is that the dashcam must only be used to record the road and must not be used on social media to defame another person, group, or organisation.

Recordings of dashcams in Dubai or the UAE, must exclusively be used in the case of traffic accidents and road violations, of which the photo or video must only be shared between the owner and the local authorities.

You should also be careful that you do not  violate other laws (for example: stopping in the middle of traffic to record the arrest of an individual, or otherwise interfering with a traffic, police, or rescue operation.

It is also our recommendation to always inform any police or government official that they are being recorded if you believe your dashcam is recording them (either video or audio).

Things to consider while using a Car Dashcam in Dubai

There are some limitations of using a dashboard camera that you need to follow if you are living in Dubai.


Since the dashcam recording is a piece of hardcore evidence, you can use the footage to report an incident or prove your innocence. Furthermore, after taking the police’s permission, you can also file your insurance and provide the recording if requested.

You can also keep a check on your speed limit and avoid speeding fines in Dubai. Other than personal gains, you can also use the recording and help the authorities investigating and controlling traffic crime.


If you are planning to install a car camera, you must know what you can’t do with your camera and its recordings. First and foremost, you are not allowed to post any footage on social media. Also, you are not allowed to share the images and recordings with anyone without asking the police’s permission.

Another important rule that you must keep in mind that you can’t just invade anyone’s privacy. It is a serious offence in Dubai and can lead you to some serious troubles. According to Article 378 of the UAE Penal Code, if a person takes photos in restricted areas can result in a 3-month jail or a fine of up to 5,000 AED, while publishing anyone’s picture without their consent can result in 6 months of jail custody and a fine of up to 500,000 AED. So, be responsible while using your car’s dashcam.

Recommendations for top Dashcams in Dubai

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DDPAI Dash Cam 4K Front 3840×2160, Built in 5G WiFi GPS, 64G Storage Car Dash Camera, No Need Extra SD Card, Sony IMX 415 STARVIS Sensor, Night Vision,G-Sensor, Loop Recording, AR Technology Mini5
4K & SUPER NIGHT VISION: The dash cam offers real 4K (3840*2160P) with 8MP CMOS SONY IMX415 Sensor and unique Realcube Image Processing Technology, providing sufficient pictures, video for street signs, license plate even collisions for cars at night. BUILT-IN 5G WiFi&GPS: Built-in 5G WIFI download the video is faster 300% than other 2.4G WIFI dash cam, download 100M video only need 10 S; the GPS is easy to record your route, speed, etc, which provides the evidence to prove yourself. Also it is easily to operate live preview, playback on your phone, just one click to share your trip to your friend. BUILT-IN 64G EMMC to SAVE YOUR a SD Card: The car dash cam with 64G Built-in EMMC, no need to buy an extra SD card, save you a SD card. Also, the usage is 10 times than ordinary SD card, provide you more stable & safer environment for data, don't worry about data loss
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DDPAI Dash Cam 1296P UHD,APP Control Dash Camera for Cars with Night Vision,Car Dash Cam Front with G-Sensor,Loop Recording,24H Parking Model,330 Rotatable lens record front or inside,Support 512G
1296P RESOLUTION DASH CAM: This dash cam captures the road at the front2560x1296P@30fps. It provides a more accurate recording of details and situations that occur during vehicle travel, including license plate numbers, road signs, and other information, which better protects the rights of drivers and helps prove accident responsibility. SUPER NIGHT VERSION: The MINI PRO dash cam is equipped with 5 sets of HD optical lenses and a F2.0 large aperture, which enhances its low-light performance and enables it to capture clear and detailed footage even in dimly lit environments. This feature provides drivers with reliable evidence of any incidents that occur during nighttime driving, which helps to protect their rights and provide crucial information for insurance claims and legal proceedings. 330 ROTATABLE LENS: This dash camera provides great flexibility in installation, allowing you to mount it on either the front or rear window of your vehicle to record either inside or outside of the car, depending on your needs and preferences. This feature lets you capture a wider range of footage, including the road or the interior of the vehicle, providing a more picture of your driving experience.
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DDPI Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1296P Front 1080P Rear Dash Camera for Cars, Built-in WiFi, Super Night Vision, Car Camera with Dual Captures Footage, 24H Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Loop Recording,N1 Dual
1296P+1080P DUAL DASH CAM: Dual dash cam which records video of up to Ultra HD (2560*1296P)+FHD 1080P resolutions. This high-definition combination ensures crystal-clear clarity, allowing you to capture every detail of your journey with exceptional precision. Whether you're recording the scenic landscapes or monitoring the road for safety, our dash cam provides unparalleled video quality, ensuring you never miss a moment. Experience the ultimate peace of mind and enhance your driving experience SUPER NIGHT VERSION: This dash cam front and rear experience the revolution in nighttime driving. Equipped with 5 sets of HD lenses and an impressive F1.8 aperture, it captures clear and detailed footage even in low-light environments. With DDPAI's NightVIS technology, bid farewell to blurry footage and embrace superior visibility and clarity. Drive confidently at night, backed by reliable evidence for insurance claims and legal matters. AI.265 ENCODING TECHNOLOGY-REVOLUTIONIZING VIDEO:This car dash cam experience the future of video compression with DDPAI's cutting-edge AI.265 encoding technology. It revolutionizes video compression by enhancing video quality and achieving remarkable storage savings of over 30% compared to traditional H.264 encoding. With AI.265, enjoy superior video performance while efficiently managing your storage space. Discover the transformative power of DDPAI's self-developed AI.265 encoding technology.
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DDPAI 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera, Dash Cam with 2160P Front, 1080P Rear, Dash Camera with Built-in GPS, WiFi, 2.3” LCD Screen, Car Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording, 24H Parking Monitor Z50
HIGHLY DEFINITION DUAL 4K DASH CAM: This dash cam with real 4K resolution (3840*2160P @30fps) on the front camera, equipped with an 8MP CMOS SONY IMX415 Sensor, and 1080P on the rear camera. This allows for easy reading of license plates and signposts, even at a distance of up to 59 ft, and provides clear and sufficient evidence for rear-end collisions or other types of collisions. BUILT-IN WiFi&GPS: This dual dash cam with built-in WIFI, connect the Z50 dash cam with the DDPAI app to preview playback and download footage by your smartphone. Easy to share videos and pictures with the police or insurance company immediately when accidents occur. Built-in GPS and SR 2.0 Vision, allow you to view your driving route, deviation, altitude, speed, or other's speed, bringing you a sci-fi driving experience while ensuring your driving safety. SUPER NIGHT VISION DASH CAMERA FOR CARS: The Z50 dash cam uses the Sony IMX415 sensor and features 7 optical lenses with a wide F1.75 aperture. Additionally, it incorporates our proprietary NightVIS technology, which improves low-light visibility and captures more light to produce sharper and more detailed images. This advanced technology enables the Z50 to capture ultra-clear nighttime shots or video, even in complete darkness.
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70mai Dash Cam 4K A800S Set, High Resolution 3840x2160P, 1080P, Built in Wi-Fi GPS Smart Dash Camera For Cars, ADAS, Sony IMX415, 3” IPS LCD Screen, 140° Wide Angle FOV, Night Vision
Dual-Channel with Outstanding Image Quality:The A800S uses 7 layers of high quality glass lenses with F1.8 aperture and Sony IMX415 Sensor that process frames to deliver images with better clarity anf vividness. Super High Resolution of 4K UHD:The A800S pushes the limits of image quality with industry's highest resolution standard--up to 4K Ultra High Definition of 3840*2160P--delivering incredibly clear frames when you are on a road trip. Powerful Night Vision:The A800 uses an F1.8 aperture lens with 3D DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology and smart AI algorithm to reduce image noise. This gives the A800S outstanding low-light performance, delivering clear images during any time of day or under certain weather conditions.
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REDTIGER Dash Cam 4K Front and Rear 1080P, WiFi GPS Car Camera with Free 32GB Card, Dual Dash Camera for Cars, Loop Recording, Night Vision, Parking Mode, Smart App Control, Support 256GB Max
[4K+1080P Dual Dash Cam] Universal Car camera with FHD 1080P rear and 4K super HD front cameras. The F9 dash cam front and rear camera captures in-depth footage while driving thanks to its F1.5 aperture, excellent night vision, and 170°wide angle. [Smart APP Control and WIFI GPS] For real-time video, recorded video playback and GPS information, connect to the REDTIGER app with the built-in WiFi(Within five meters). Instead of using buttons, you can effortlessly control the dash camera with the app. [G-Sensor and 48H Parking Mode] When the G-sensor is triggered, video files are automatically saved and locked. This dash camera for cars can record even while parking with a 48-hour parking monitor(Extra hardwire kit needed, ASIN:B0CNPHCJZB), which keeps the automobile secure.


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