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Learn More About Shipping and Delivery for products listed on is a review and comparison site and only helps our readers shortlist and make an informed purchase through our partners.


We do not stock or sell the products directly to you and can only advise you on the estimated delivery time from our affiliate partners.


Shipping and Delivery for the products is covered by the vendor or affiliate partner such as Amazon from whom the items are purchased from.


How long does shipping take ?


Most of the Dashcams and other products on this website are carefully selected with expedited shipping of 1 to 2 days from our premier affiliate partners.


In the case of Amazon prime, most orders are shipped out on the same day and are delivered in 1 to 2 days. 


Some items may be shipped internationally through our Affiliate partners and may incur a longer shipping time. These are mentioned on the checkout page of the affiliate partner such as Amazon while placing your order and making the payment.



When will my order arrive ?

Your order is shipped and delivered directly from our Affiliate partner such as Amazon. Please check your Amazon account and notifications from SMS and email for updates on delivery of your order. 




How do I track the status of my order ?


Our affiliate partners such as Amazon have an account dashboard where you can view details of the items ordered and where you can also track the status of your order.



What kind of warranty can I expect  ?

While does not offer any warranty since it does not supply the products directly. Our affiliate partners such as Amazon usually offer a 1 year warranty on the Dashcam and it’s accessories. 


You should check with the vendor or source where it is purchased from on the specifics of the warranty. Please refer to our complete guide on Dashcams Warranty for more details. 


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