Dashcam Battery Pack Guide

Dash cam battery packs are exactly what they sound like – battery packs made specifically for dash cams usage in vehicles. These battery packs are the perfect solution for those who want the maximum protection, as parking-mode recording is extended significantly and the wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s own battery is eliminated.

These dashcam battery packs are designed to function under high heat and is why they’re made out of LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate), which is much safer and durable under hot climates. The metal casing and ventilation design of these batteries further strengthen how durable these batteries are, and are more than safe to use in all vehicles.

Why Use a Dash Cam Battery Pack?

The primary reasons why we recommend battery packs are because they offer much longer parking-mode recording, eliminates the wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s battery and is a solution for those who do not want to hardwire to their vehicle’s fusebox.

Battery packs, can provide upwards of 72 hours (depending on the model) for a single channel dash cam, or about 35 hours (depending on the model) for a 2-channel dash cam.

This is in contrast to the average 6-8 hours in a typical hardwire method.

Dashcam Battery packs also do not need to be hardwired to the vehicle’s fusebox and can connect to the vehicle’s cigarette socket directly.

This also means there is no stress on the vehicle’s own battery as the battery pack stops drawing power when the car is off (almost all vehicles’ cigarette sockets power off when the car is off).

Best For Vehicles with Small Batteries

Dashcam battery packs are especially recommended for cars with small batteries. Smaller batteries, for example in BMWs, have less power capacity which translates directly to even less parking-mode recording.

It’s not uncommon for many Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles to only last 2-3 hours before the voltage cutoff kicks in. For BMWs, the issue is not with the size of their batteries but with their computer system, which is overly sensitive to battery discharge.

What this results in is a constant dashboard and centre console error message that states the battery is being used when the car is off. This isn’t necessarily an issue as the voltage cutoff will still kick in, and the average 6-8 hours remain the same, but the constant error message may be frustrating or annoying for some.

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